About the Project

Project title: University cooperation “Project on Energy Efficiency in Southern Africa II“
Project Duration: 1. November 2016 – 31. January 2018
Project acronym: PEESA II


Project leader, Institution:

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Kay J. Pfaffenberger, Dipl. Ök.
University of Applied Sciences Flensburg, Centre for Business and Technology in Africa

Project aim:

The aim of the PEESA project is to increase the number of highly qualified experts in the field of renewable energies and the quality of higher education in the southern areas of Africa. The project also intends to promote the self-sufficiency of countries in sub-Saharan Africa through the qualification of professionals in the field of energy science. In addition the project is to develop several aspects that exceed the original concept.

The individual objectives of the project are:

1. Implementation of the curricula that derived from the PEESA project into teaching and learning activities

2. Starting the digitization of teaching and learning contents from PEESA, et al. through approaches of blended learning

3. Creating a common understanding of teaching and learning

-     Research on the latest state of further education in the field of academic didactics in Germany and Africa (participating universities)

-     Conception, implementation and follow-up of workshops in university didactics (four-and-a-half days with eight participants each) and

-     Documentation of the teaching and learning processes (blueprint development)

4.  Bridging cultural differences through joint learning in summer and winter schools as well as workshops

5. Creating a starting point for further German projects in Africa that use modern teaching and learning methods, especially in priority areas such as energy

6.  Creating a basis for research- and doctoral-cooperation